About Company


Below you'll find out a little about me & my Art/Design business. You will find my work by clicking on the Art Gallery, Inspirational Products, & Tee/Sweatshirt Gallery links above. 

I have many loves in my life but 4 of those loves are Traveling, Art, Inspiring People, & Supporting Different Causes throughout the world. My Photography/Digital Art & Design business that you'll find in the Galleries of this site is my way of combining those 4 loves. 

My Hope & Mission Statement is for everyone who purchases one of my Artworks or Designs to receive constant Inspiration. I want my work to touch people Globally. Why? Because everyone deserves the right to not only dream, but to Achieve those Dreams and the World will be a better place once such is accomplished. So, whether you want to Travel the World, Create a Positive Mindset for the Goals you have ahead of you, or whatever your Dreams may be, let my Artwork Inspire YOU, let it Inspire those who will cross your path, let it Inspire the World. 

20% of my profits from my Artwork Framed Prints, Snaptee Tee/Sweatshirt, & Inspirational Design Framed Tile sales support a cause as part of my Charity of the Month program.  This month's cause is Cancer Research Institute.